SD Times Features Agilis’ Nephele Licensing Solution

Agilis Software was featured in the SD Times article titled Software Licensing Trends Mean Business, which focuses on how software business models are rapidly changing, and how software vendors must keep pace to satisfy customer’s demands. For example, on-premise software vendors are finding it necessary to transition to the world of Saas and subscription payments, as well as figure out how to handle tracking license usage in virtualized server environments. The article included a mention of Agilis’ Nephele licensing solution, and how it can help ISVs adapt:

…Nephele is an affordable enterprise-class licensing service for enterprise ISVs and cloud service providers. It provides a full range of capabilities, including product activation, Internet-based floating licensing, enterprise license pooling, and complex license configurations that are available for Internet-connected and disconnected systems. Nephele is available for native multi-platform Java and C/C++ on all major enterprise platforms.”

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