Enable innovative business models for your embedded systems

Use Orion’s embedded system license management capabilities to effectively monetize your embedded sytems’s advanced features.

Licensing for Embedded Systems Done Right:

Transcend simple per-unit perpetual-license business models

Software licensing for embedded systems is about much more than mere node locking! You can market advanced features with innovative business models such as subscription licensing, feature licensing, utility pricing, per-feature floating license pools, and more.

Rapid porting of licensing software to any embedded system

Orion’s C/C++ client libraries have been successfully ported in less than two weeks to esoteric platforms enabling embedded software licensing for leading embedded system vendors.

Streamline your operations from manufacturing to distribution

Install an initial license on your device in the final step of manufacturing, and let your customers later purchase licenses to enable additional features and activate their licenses in self-service mode.

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Embedded systems licensing with Orion is simple, powerful and doable.

Benefits of using Orion software license management for your embedded systems:

Why software licensing for embedded systems

When the topic of software licensing arises in an embedded system context, a common reaction is: “the embedded system hardware can’t be copied, so why do we need to node-lock it?”. True, for the most part (although it is in fact possible for an appropriately-equipped fab to clone many hardware / firmware systems). More important, software licensing is about much more than mere node locking – even a system that is perceived to not require node locking needs to incorporate licensing technology at some level in order to realize subscription licensing, metered licensing, feature licensing and permutations thereof. While all these capabilities are possible with Orion in a non-intrusive manner, additional capabilities that do require under-the-covers node locking are also possible, such as floating licensing of a limited pool of licenses across a large number of physical devices.


New Business Models


Integrating an embedded system with a sophisticated software license management solution such as Agilis’ Orion network licensing platform enables several business models such as marketing advanced features to the customer for additional fees based on a subscription license and / or usage based license, and offering floating licenses for pools of devices. Multiple features, policies and floating license pools may be organized into complex license configurations without impacting license distribution and activation logistics.

Reducing cost of manufacturing

A common partial approach to monetization of embedded systems is to maintain multiple product SKUs and correspondingly multiple assembly lines, one per individually-priced feature bundle. This approach has two disadvantages: (a) the cost of manufacturing and distributing multiple SKUs is higher than the cost for a single SKU. (b) the business model is essentially limited to a single pricing model: a perpetual license per shipped unit. Incorporation of software licensing technology enables a single assembly line, with additional features enabled through software licenses at any time including after a unit is installed and operational at an end customer site. The licensing technology also enables the manufacturer to offer features on a recurring subscription and / or metered license basis.

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Feasible Integration Of Embedded Systems With Software Licensing Technologies


A key challenge in license-enabling embedded systems is the availability of effective embedded licensing software libraries for the often-esoteric embedded platform where memory footprint and availability of normal operating system features are limited. Therefore, it is imperative to select a licensing vendor whose product is amenable to straightforward porting to embedded system platforms. Agilis’ Orion client library has been ported in less than two weeks to embedded system platforms such as VxWorks, embedded Linux, and flash memory based environments having no operating system and no system clock or traditional file system.

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