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The Cloud and SaaS: Does Software Licensing Matter?

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 in Blog, Software Licensing Strategies | 0 comments

As a SaaS vendor, perhaps you view monetizing your services in terms of managing subscriptions for tiers of services. We’ll just implement the subscription management and associated payment processing as part of the development process, you say. Software licensing technology plays no role, because after all you have no need to node-lock the SaaS server applications that you’re hosting on your own servers, right? Or is it that simple? There are a few things it would behoove you to consider, especially when your SaaS service is...

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SD Times Features Agilis’ Nephele Licensing Solution

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Agilis Company News, Industry News, Software Licensing Strategies | 0 comments

Agilis Software was featured in the SD Times article titled Software Licensing Trends Mean Business, which focuses on how software business models are rapidly changing, and how software vendors must keep pace to satisfy customer’s demands. For example, on-premise software vendors are finding it necessary to transition to the world of Saas and subscription payments, as well as figure out how to handle tracking license usage in virtualized server environments. The article included a mention of Agilis’ Nephele licensing solution, and...

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Software Magazine Features Agilis’ Cloud-Native Software Licensing Solutions

Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in Agilis Company News, Blog, Industry News, Software Licensing Strategies | 0 comments

Agilis Software was featured in the July 2014 issue of Software Magazine in an article titled Software Licensing Evolution, which focuses on the ways that software licensing companies must adapt to software moving to the cloud. The article included a mention of Agilis’ cloud based software licensing solutions: Agilis offers cloud-native software licensing solutions that provide protection from software piracy, reduce operational costs associated with license compliance management, provide insight into usage of software features, and...

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Flexible, Invisible Licensing Taken To A New Level With Orion 2.5 Release

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Agilis Company News, Blog | 0 comments

March 5, 2014: We are pleased to announce general availability of the Orion 2.5 license server. Orion 2.5 rounds out the already-comprehensive capabilities of our flagship product with new features that offer the following key benefits: Operational efficiency through frictionless Orion server license administration, for both you and your enterprise customer: The Orion license server now implements product activation technology for its licensing, as an alternative to the current EasyLicenser license key based mechanisms. The same benefits...

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Our Enterprise-class Software Licensing Service Is Now Available As An Affordable SaaS Solution

Posted by on Feb 17, 2014 in Agilis Company News, Blog | 0 comments

February 17, 2014: We are excited to announce the general availability of Nephele, our latest software licensing solution. Nephele is an affordable monthly subscription based hosted SaaS licensing service, with no minimum commitment. Nephele is built on top of the same comprehensive Orion Network License Platform that leading software and system vendors worldwide entrust with for meeting their sophisticated licensing requirements. Nephele is hosted by Agilis Software at a Tier 1 data center for maximum security and high availability. Nephele...

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